Ups and Downs

Monkey crap, can we ever get a break, well, we did. Turns out when Blondie hurt her foot a month back, she actually broke 2 bones in it. yes, Blondie was waking around for over a month (and doing Katsucon) with 2 broken bones. They have her in a walking cast now, and it seems to be helping.
So what’s the good news? We spent the past month house hunting and found one. Offer’s been accepted, and now it’s just the legal crap! Yes, not more 1970’s pink and black bathroom! Pictures to come.
And finally on a down note, Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed…..a month. Still kinda ticked, but after reading an article stating that the delay was due to May having a glut of new releases including Rock Star’s L.A. Noire, it’s a better bet to wait a month, which i can totally accept. Least Gearbox had a great way of breaking it to us:


Just when we thought we were getting back on track, Yeah, Blondie’s foot’s been a mess, she needed to go see a specialist this week and more X-rays. She’s been in a hella ton of pain, and has troopered through it . Comic up ASAP, until then enjoy some new Day Job Orchestra. If you haven’t tried it yet, turn on Youtube’s closed captioning system and see what it thinks they’re saying, I almost cried!


Don’t put me on the cart…

So, we’re getting better, fever broke last night and today was a series of ups and downs. Blondie’s foot is better, but not 100%. Comic will be up Wednesday, for now…..’80’s HORROR!


I’m sick, Blondie still sick and ankle still hurts, so comic will be up asap, in mean time….

Hail to the Duke!

I totally stole this from VG Cats, but who cares!

DUKE NUKEM FOREVER has a release date!

On May 3rd, there will be tits, and ass and dick jokes and pissing in urinals, and violence. Not a polished epic masterpiece, but an amalgam of 12 years of work and failure that Gearbox was able to forge into one giant penis joke. I’m not actually mocking it, I will be there with bells on my ass for this one, why? Because it’s going to be funny, and horrible, and it’s going to be a blast, I can’t wait.

Kevin (;,;)