O Canada!

Yes, we’re still here. Renovations on the house have EXPANDED. My Aunt and Uncle came down from Canada to help patch holes and help fix it up. Long story short, they saw the condition of the insulation and said, ” We’re taking down all the wall.” 5 days later the house is demoed, re-insulated, and re-sheet rocked (it was originally plaster, I hate plaster). So right now, we’re still looking good, Blondie was pushing her foot too much and spent most of the time in a ;lot of pain, and she hurt her wrists tearing down plaster. We’re trying to find some time for comics, but right now we’re still in the midst of demo. Hopefully when we move to the finishing stages it’ll mellow out. We’re still on board for Connecticon, Hopeing we could make a triumphant return before then. Thanks guys for your patience.

Kevin (:)E