Fhtagn You pg.8
August 9th, 2012

Fhtagn You pg.8

So yeah, been busy. Last page coming next week, again, Please check out the new comic And a Hard Place.

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And a Hard Place

So after many many moons, we’re getting back into comics, but not with Caf-Fiends. It’s been a long fun run, but It’s time for something new. And a Hard Place Is the story of a girl, Her Medusa mother, and her pet rock. Well, there’s a little more then that, but that’s all you get for now. Don’t fret too much, there is a good chance some of your old fiends from Hades are going to make their way over……Trust me. We are finishing posting the last Hades story Fhtagn You, so you got us here for a few more updates. Please check out the new site, and enjoy.

Kevin and Blondie

Yes, we’re still alive and we’ll be at Connecticon!

So yeah, it’s been a level of hectic that I have never imagined in my life. So far the house rebuild is going well, but between work, house and the insane amount of stresses we’re dealing with, getting back to the comic has been tough. Have we given up on it you ask? Hell No! It has been on our minds, and is a priority, although we have others to take care of first. Thanks for your patients, and YES, we will be at Connecticon this weekend, Can’t wait to see you there.

Kevin (:)E

OMG Anime Doctor Who!!!

Just too friggen’ awesome!

Kevin (:)E

O Canada!

Yes, we’re still here. Renovations on the house have EXPANDED. My Aunt and Uncle came down from Canada to help patch holes and help fix it up. Long story short, they saw the condition of the insulation and said, ” We’re taking down all the wall.” 5 days later the house is demoed, re-insulated, and re-sheet rocked (it was originally plaster, I hate plaster). So right now, we’re still looking good, Blondie was pushing her foot too much and spent most of the time in a ;lot of pain, and she hurt her wrists tearing down plaster. We’re trying to find some time for comics, but right now we’re still in the midst of demo. Hopefully when we move to the finishing stages it’ll mellow out. We’re still on board for Connecticon, Hopeing we could make a triumphant return before then. Thanks guys for your patience.

Kevin (:)E

We Has a HOUSE!!!

houseOk, so after months of insanity, serching, mortgaging, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork……IT”S OURS!

Now we just have to break it…….This will be fun!

Kevin (:)E